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Midnight Hot: Made In Poland Special

They say you can tell a lot about a person by their watch; some like them expensive, others like them vintage, while others... completely luxury. This is where FashionTV comes in with the launch of our f.Time Paris watch collection! There?s something for everyone, for those that like them playful: a matching face and strap is available from our Milan Collection; or perhaps you prefer the dainty bracelet style, where our chain and link strap with diamond-shaped clock face can add an injection of glamour to your evening outfit.

Miranda Kerr Channels Porn Star, Cara Delevingne For Grand Theft Auto, & More Celebrity Instagram! Posted on 1st September 2013 | Celebrity Photo: @badgalriri Share this story This week, has been full of Insta-treats! Rihanna?s been spotted around NYC sporting her new Rihanna for River Island collection, Cara Delevingne was immortalised for Grand Theft Auto, Miranda Kerr turns Porn star for V magazine, and Miley Cyrus just keeps on showing her ass! Though Miley Cyrus caused a media frenzy after giving THAT performance at the MTV Video Music Awards last Sunday, it seems that nothing is going to stop the Pop star from keeping all eyes on her with the release of yet more exposing pictures where she?s seen dressed in her new crop top and hot pant fetish.

There?s something about Polish women that Victoria?s Secret love, and much of the rest of the world too! This might have something to do with the fact that they are completely smoking hot, have sky high legs, and killer bodies. Join us on our scorching adventure, and find out just why blondes really do have more fun...

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